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How can Anyfin make my loan cheaper?

Instead of giving everybody the same terms, we offer individual interest rates based on an overall evaluation. We do this by using completely automated processes which keep our costs low. But most of all, your current creditors are probably charging more than they should.

What is Anyfin?

Anyfin is an independent consumer credit institution which falls under the supervision of the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority. We always make an individual assessment when taking a decision on approving applications, we have no requirements regarding a specific form of employment or income amount. We will only give you an offer if we can lower your interest rate.

Who has access to my information?

Your information is processed in accordance with our privacy policy. All data is processed according to GDPR.

How does Anyfin make money on this?

Just like other companies we earn money on the interest you pay to us. The big difference is that we do not have any middlemen and are satisfied with charging less than others in the industry when we lower your interest rate.

Before applying

Which types of loans can I refinance?

Consument credit loans up to 200 000 kr, such as unsecured debt, payments, credit cards, installments or other credits. Currently we cannot help you with your mortgage.

How much can I refinance?

We refinance loans up to 200 000 kr per individual.

Do you run a credit check?

We always run a credit check when you apply for a loan. Regardless of how many loans you send us, we only run one (1) credit check with Upplysningscentralen (UC). This credit check is valid for 30 days, and if you are already a customer with us - for 60 days.

Can I redeem the loan early?

Of course, you can redeem the loan at any point without any extra costs.

What interest rate will I get?

The interest rate is individually specified for each customer.

Does it cost anything to send a picture?

No, applying for a balance transfer at Anyfin is free of charge.

What if I have several loans, credits or payments I want to refinance?

Send a picture for each loan, credit or payment, and we'll contact you with an offer for each loan.

What if I don’t have a monthly statement?

Ask your creditor to send an overview. This monthly statement or overview must contain your name and address, as well as the total loan amount and payment information.

Chat with us

Do you have questions?

Although we try to make it as clear as possible, loans are complicated. If you feel uncertain or have any questions, you should always contact us. We're happy to help you!

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Representative example

For example, refinancing a loan of SEK 10,000 at a variable interest rate of 8.86% with a 12-month repayment period and 12 installments, with SEK 0 in administrative fees, gives an effective interest rate of 9.23%. The monthly cost will then be SEK 874 and the total amount to repay is SEK 10,486. Anyfin always offers individual interest rates.

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