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We help you lower your interest rate

Anyfin customer with sunglasses smiles
Anyfin customer with sunglasses smiles

No one should have to pay exorbitant interest rates

Far too many people are paying far too much in interest rates and fees, both when you consider their creditworthiness and when you use your common sense. Or at least that's what we think. That's why we help you lower your interest on partial payment plans, credit card debt, and other loans up to 300,000 SEK. Anyfin will take a second look at your credit rates and see if we can make you a better offer. Our customised offer is often better, and we can help you with a payment plan that gets you out of debt more quickly.
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On average, we lower our customers' effective interest rate by 38%.

Take control of your finances by setting up your own payment plan. Pay off your debt more quickly or make extra payments whenever you'd like.

“It's been super easy to get a hold of Anyfin's customer service when I have questions. I am fully satisfied and can warmly recommend Anyfin to everyone!”

— Tommy, Anyfin client since October 2020. (Interviews have been conducted with registered users of Anyfin's services, who were selected and contacted via email and phone by Anyfin. The interviews took place at each customer's location. Customers were compensated for their time.)

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On average, we save our clients 8 202 kr

The number refers to the average future savings, calculated at the signing of the credit agreement. It is calculated on all refinanced loans during the period from 2022-11-01 to 2023-10-31.


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Representative example

A refinancing loan of 5,000 SEK at 17.06% nominal interest rate with a repayment period of 18 months, with 18 installments of 317 SEK, results in a total effective interest rate of 18.46%. The total repayment amount will be 5,702 SEK.

The maximum amount that can be refinanced with Anyfin is 300,000 SEK. The loan term can be as short as 1 month and as long as 120 months, depending on the current term. The nominal interest rate can range from a minimum of 6.48% to a maximum of 19.90%. The effective interest rate can range from a minimum of 6.68% to a maximum of 22.01%.