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We think too many people pay too much in interest and fees. That’s why we help you lower the cost of your credits. On average, by 4 756 SEK.

The average savings of 4 756 SEK/customer is calculated based on all new customers in Sweden during 2018-01-01–2021-03-12.

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How it works
How it works

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We want to help people make the most of life, without having to worry about their finances.

— Mikael “Husse” Hussain, CEO and founder

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"It is simpler to have everything in one place and pay off it all off together."

- Sabrina


"I think this is the first time I’ve felt as if there’s nothing hidden in the fine print."

- Krisse-Ly


"You can make extra installments without any hassle."

- Tommy

Lower the cost of your part payments, credit cards and private loans.


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Representative example

For example, refinancing a loan of SEK 10,000 at a variable interest rate of 8.86% with a 12-month repayment period and 12 installments, with SEK 0 in administrative fees, gives an effective interest rate of 9.23%. The monthly cost will then be SEK 874 and the total amount to repay is SEK 10,486. Anyfin always offers individual interest rates.