The book your money wants you to read

Everything you need to know about managing your finances based on your situation, and how to avoid common mistakes when it comes to money.

August 17, 2023

A picture of the book.

"The Book Your Money Wants You to Read" is now released in bookstores both online and around Sweden. Completely revolutionary, if you ask us.

It's a book that tells you how to manage your finances based on your situation and how to avoid common mistakes when it comes to money. From practical information about loans and debts to budgets, everyday legal matters, and checklists. If we may say so ourselves, it's actually really good.

Why write a book about debts?

When it comes down to it, for many it's often with loans and credits that things go south. Taking out a loan is a decision that can affect your finances for several years. And since banks and lenders make a lot of money from this, they've naturally made borrowing easy. Perhaps a bit too easy. And paying it back is difficult.

That's why we believe it's really important for anyone considering taking out a loan/buying on installment/getting a credit card to have a full understanding of how everything actually works. Because that stuff IS difficult. In this book, we try to make it simpler.

Who wrote it?

Magdalena Kowalczyk (well-known from the Swedish TV show "Lyxfällan") and our founder and CEO Mikael Hussain have put their wise heads together. Magdalena, who has met many people whom, in various ways, feel that their finances have become so difficult that they can't handle it themselves, and Mikael Hussain, who has over 15 years of experience in banking and credit.

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If a loan of 10,000 SEK is transferred to Anyfin, the savings will be 832 SEK. The variable interest rate decreases from 20.77% to 16.18%. The new monthly cost will then be 352 SEK with a 36-month repayment period; consequently, the new effective interest rate is 17.44% and the total amount paid is 12,689 SEK.

The maximum amount that can be refinanced with Anyfin is 300,000 SEK. The term can be a minimum of 1 month and a maximum of 120 months, depending on the current term. The nominal interest rate can vary from a minimum of 6.48% to a maximum of 19.90%. The effective interest rate can be minimum 6.68% and a maximum of 22.01%.