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Anyfin was founded in 2017 by three experts from the Fintech industry, with experience working in Klarna, iZettle and Spotify.
Why does everyone have to pay so much?
We asked ourselves this question often and couldn't comprehend why customers with good credit history had to pay so much for their credit cards, loans and part-payments. There weren't any good reasons for it. Banks and credit card companies had record-high profits in 2016 due to the high interest that customers were paying.We decided to do something about it. By using technology to bypass expensive middlemen and reduce absurd administrative fees, we created something unique for the Swedish market. We paved a way to move credits in a simple way, lowering monthly costs and interest rates for the customer.
Contact us at if you want to know more about us, the product or if you also want to change the financial market as it looks today. We are always looking for exceptional individuals who want to contribute towards achieving our goals.- The Anyfin team.