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Get more from your finances

With our smart finance app, you get more control of your money.

With our smart finance app, you get more control of your money.


Lower your costs

We help you save money on your part payments, credit cards and private loans. On average, we lower the interest rate by 64 percent.

Lower your costs


Keeping track of all your streaming services, memberships and what not is a hassle. With this service you get an easy overview over your subscriptions.


Credit Block

Block yourself from credit options when online shopping

Credit Block

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Representative example

If a loan of SEK 13,000 is transferred to Anyfin, the savings will be SEK 1,652. The variable interest rate falls from 18.88% to 9.88%, and the administrative fee falls from SEK 19 to SEK 0. The new monthly cost will then be SEK 599 with a 24-month repayment period; consequently, the new effective interest rate is 10.34% and the total amount paid is SEK 14,380. Anyfin makes offers exclusively in situations where Anyfin can lower an individual’s interest rate. Anyfin will never increase an individual’s total costs by extending their repayment period.

The maximum amount that can be refinanced with Anyfin is SEK 300,000. The term can be a minimum of 1 month and a maximum of 120 months, depending on the current term. The nominal interest rate can vary from minimum 3.95% and maximum 19.90%. The effective interest rate can be minimum 4.02% and maximum 22.01%.