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We noticed that our users often took expensive credits when the money was not enough. That is why we launched Bryggan, a small loan of up to SEK 1,000, without interest and fees. Bryggan is intended to be used only when there is a crisis so that you can avoid loans with high interest rates and fees. The money is withdrawn automatically on the 28th of each month.

What is Bryggan?

How do I apply for Bryggan?

When do I pay back Bryggan?

Is it really true that Bryggan is free of interest and fees?

What is required of me as a user to be able to use Bryggan?

Why was my application not approved?

Do you take a new credit report if I apply for Bryggan?

How many times can I use Bryggan?

What happens if I cannot pay back Bryggan?


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Representative example

For example, refinancing a loan of SEK 10,000 at a variable interest rate of 8.86% with a 12-month repayment period and 12 installments, with SEK 0 in administrative fees, gives an effective interest rate of 9.23%. The monthly cost will then be SEK 874 and the total amount to repay is SEK 10,486. Anyfin always offers individual interest rates.