Anyfin's privacy policy

Anyfin protects your privacy and integrity. This policy explains how Anyfin collects and uses your personal information. This policy also describes your rights in relation to us and how you can contact us if you are not satisfied or have comments about how Anyfin collects and uses your information.Through the use of Anyfin's services, you agree to Anyfin's processing of your personal data, that Anyfin uses this information in accordance with this policy and uses them in electronic and non-electronic communications. Anyfin collects and processes personal data regarding you in accordance with the Personal Information Act (1998: 204) and other applicable privacy laws.Anyfin will collect information about your use of Anyfin's services as well as other information you choose to provide to Anyfin through the use of the services as well as communications with Anyfin through any of its supported channels.Anyfin is responsible for processing the information you provide to Anyfin in connection with the application to use Anyfin's service. The information includes personal identification number, name, e-mail address, address, mobile phone number, people's postal address, date of birth, and details of your personal finances such as income, debts, payment notes, and costs collected from third parties or otherwise collected. Anyfin will also collect electronic information about IP addresses and information about your technical equipment. In order to maintain good customer and registry care, Anyfin may supplement personal data through retrieval from private and public records. In case you use any of Anyfin services, you agree that Anyfin collects information from SPAR (Statens Personadressregister) and credit information from UC AB and / or CreditSafe.The purpose of processing personal data is to collect and control personal data, administer and then take steps to perform the service in question and take the measures for regulatory or other reasons. This includes detecting and preventing fraud, and taking action to achieve customer awareness in order not to participate in money laundering or terrorist financing. Anyfin collects personal information to fulfill its obligations towards you as a customer including answering questions and complaints as well as providing information about Anyfin’s services. Being able to conduct market and customer analyzes, business monitoring, business and method development, risk management and scoring. To take action for marketing purposes (direct marketing by letter, telephone or electronic communications) for Anyfin and any other company Anyfin collaborates with, unless you have requested a direct mail barrier. To take other actions that you are notified about and to which you consent. Personal data may be processed by Anyfin, and by other related companies and by other companies on behalf of Anyfin. Personal data may also be processed by debt collection companies, credit reporting companies, companies that implement measures to detect risks such as fraud, money laundering etc. as well as courts and the Kronofogden in order to complete entered agreements and to secure the rights of Anyfin.Anyfin will keep your personal information even after Anyfin no longer provides any services to you, but for the purposes only necessary for the fulfillment of obligations. If you want information about your personal data processed by Anyfin, you are entitled to request a written assignment from Anyfin once a year. Such a request and any correction of personal data that Anyfin does shall be sent to or to Personal Data Responsible, Anyfin AB, Barnhusgatan 4, 111 23 Stockholm.